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I just want someone who does

all the things I like

Hello! Welcome to Innocent Soul, the approved fanlisting for Asahi Hinata, of CLAMP's adorable series Suki.Dakara Suki. Please feel free to take a look around! Navigation is the set of phrases to the left! Currently the 'about Hina' section is under construction, but the fanlisting portion is fully functional, so if you're a fan of this sweet little girl, please join!


fanlisting information

x Script: Enthusiast
x Updated: 17th September 2013
x Members: 7, from 6 countries
x Pending: 2
x Newest: Kotfryc


associated sites

 Relationship: Asou x Hina Series: Suki.Dakara Suki Tsubaki Nekoi

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